Staff Liaison Committee and Board Recruiting for Quickdraw

Quickdraw is looking for some roles to be filled.   One would be to sit on the current Board and the second role is to sit on a committee that hires the new volunteer position of StaffLiaison.  
Board Recruitment
The Quickdraw Staff and Board are looking to recruit a new member for the Quickdraw Board.  Please send Evangelos an email at if you know of any candidates (this could be you!) that are suitable.  A ten person board represents a greater diversity of membership needs. 

Liaison Position at Quickdraw-   Quickdraw is looking for members who would like to sit on the committee that appoints a new Staff Liaison.  Please send Evangelos an email at if you know of any candidates (this could be you!) suitable for this position.   Details of the new Staff Liaison position: 


3. Duties and Responsibilities per Position

A description of the new position to be elected at the AGM for Quickdraw Animation Society:

3.6 Staff & Member Liaison to the Board

3.6.1 Appointment of the Liaison

a. The membership shall elect one of its members to be the “Staff & Member Liaison to the Board”.

b. The Liaison is elected by majority vote of the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

c. The call for nominations are sent to Membership at least 60 days before the AGM. Nominations are accepted for the Liaison position.

d. Votes are cast by secret ballot or by show of hands at the AGM, and counted by a volunteer in attendance.

e. The term of service for the Liaison shall be two years from date of appointment, with one additional month of overlap time from past Liaison to Liaison elect, to help orient the new Liaison.

f. Any vacancy occurring during the year will be filled by an interim appointment by an ad-hoc committee comprised of three members, one from Staff, one from the Board and one from the general membership.  A liaison who obtains position by appointment must be elected at the AGM or at an SGM called for that purpose, provided it is so stated in the notice called for such a meeting.

 3.6.2 Duties and Responsibilities of the Liaison

a. The member appointed to Staff & Member Liaison to the Board promotes harmonious relations and keeps abreast of society operations and membership activity.

b. The Liaison may meet with staff, Board and members, and makes reports to the Board with recommendations about issues that the Liaison has heard. The Liaison may attend Board meetings at their discretion, or upon request by a member.

c. The Liaison takes a special interest in the legal responsibilities of the Board as an employer, in the specific areas of employment policy, and in areas that may be improved such as health and safety.

d. The liaison is familiar with Quickdraw Animation Society policies.

The liaison will encourage members, Board and staff to adhere to the policies of Quickdraw Animation Society.

 e. The Liaison will make will make recommendations to the board of directors as needed.

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