“Under EXPOSED” Airdog Media Inc.’s APTN series

Company Name/Contact name
Airdog Media Inc- Ashley Crow Chief (Production Manager)

Contact Information:
Ashley Crow Chief –
Office: (403) 777 9131

Please email Resume and Portfolio to A 2D quick sketch, short burst
animation example of an eagle and a raven flying would be awesome.

Job description

Is Animation your passion? We would like to see your talents.

“UnderEXPOSED” TV series will be making our debut in the Fall of 2013 on APTN. Our show
is based on two young Aboriginal extreme sports photojournalists, who will be following high
level athletes, as well as rediscovering the local First Nations roots connected to the area, to make
a stronger story and help preserve the local bands culture and languages.

We are looking for an animator who can help us embody our vision, as well as bring their own
unique style to our series. How can you help us turn our Native based Legends into visuals,
seamlessly shifting from video to animation? You will be working closely with our post
production crew, and with aboriginal legends and stories that we incorporate into every episode.

Specifically, we are looking for 2D, quick sketch, short burst animations to transition in and out
of the on screen video, with approximately 4 short animations (4-10 seconds) within each half
hour episode. We will be producing thirteen (13) episodes between February and July 2013.


  • Has a passion for animation and hungry to open some doors on a network TV series
  • Can work with tight time lines and minimal budgets
  • Contract, freelance, part time availability between February and July

Terms of employment

TBA – Small honorarium available.


Friday February 8th, 2013

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