Hey Animators!

You’re invited to take part in this year’s Mar De Fonda, an event where animators around the globe collaborate with each other! Please email programming at quickdrawanimation. ca if you’re interested, we’re hand-picking a QAS crew who we will give studio and equipment access to. The event runs 24 hours a day from June 17 – 21st, you can work that whole time or even just for an hour. More details from Richard Reeves, who is heading the Canadian Contingency:

” Last year there was 7 people from QAS who took part with 4 countries, this year there are more…Spain, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Singapore, Colombia, China Central Academy of Arts, and Canada.

Anyway like last year the theme revolves around Mar de Fondo (deep ocean)…but there will be a sub theme..last year was the Bell Rock..a lighthouse off the coast of Scotland. The animators can do 12 drawings that loop…then post them on the ftp server… and/or…download someones drawings from the server and alter, change, print out and manipulate, add on to in any way shape or form as long as the drawings can be re-posted on the server for someone else to use.

As a cool bonus..once people are on line..depending on time zones..they can skype each other and talk to someone in a far away place working on the same project. The server is live 24 hours a day for the 5 days..then it shuts down and all the files are composited with audio..in Spain. “

Sounds awesome, right? Shoot an email to Laura (programming at quickdrawanimation dot ca) if you want to be considered!


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