The Melbourne International Animation Festival is one of the biggest animation fests in the world, and we’re stoked to have its executive director, Malcolm Turner, coming to Calgary to present a package of his favourite shorts from MIAF’s special programs over the last few years. He’s made the program especially for us, and will be introducing the shorts throughout. It’s gonna be pretty incredible.

So, what will you see? There’ll probably be some unaired pilots from Klasky Csupo, the husband-wife duo whose studio animated the first Simpsons shorts, along with Duckman, Rug Rats and plenty of others. There’ll be some UPA shorts–the American studio behind Mr. Magoo and Gerald McBoingBoing, who helped usher in the “cartoon modern” style of the 1950s. Plus works from Polish masters and from the last 100 years of Lithuanian animation. The only through-line is that they’ve all blown the mind of one of the world’s top animation geeks.

This is a pretty big deal, folks. Some of these shorts basically haven’t even been seen outside of Melbourne, and Melbourne is pretty hard to get to from Calgary. Don’t miss out.

Monday, September 16th, 2012, 7:30PM

The Globe Cinema
617 8th Avenue SW
$10 at the door, viewer discretion advised

tickets available online here.

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