Hey Members, we got this in the inbox from some pals in Toronto:


Project Name: Lumberjack’d

Created by: Dylan Mask

Project Type: Trailer

Project Length: 30 sec – 45 sec

Demographic: Ages 18-30 (think young adults who watch south park, bobs burgers, Rick & Morty etc.)

Design Approach: Sketch characters and samples available upon interest. Think bright and fun look like Netflix’s ‘Brickleberry’.

Compensation: To be discussed and finalized in person

Brief Background: This is a project created and written by myself. The script has been very well received and has even drawn interest from some larger production companies. Of course they want a taste of what the series will look like before they commit or move forward any further. What I’m looking to do is create a trailer that will include some of the more colourful characters and really catch the theme of the show and give interested parties something to work with. I’m looking to create a team that is willing to be a part of this project and work together to make it a real hit. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I am always open to suggestions and creative influence. If you want to bring your own unique touch to a project that will be both fun and rewarding, I want to hear from you!

Contact Info:

E-mail: dylan_mask@hotmail.com

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