The first film I saw from ShiShi Yamazaki, 2013’s Yamasuki Yamazaki, was a burst of pastel-hued glee. Her follow-up, 2015’s Moonlit Night and Opal, is something else entirely, like transcendental karaoke played on a haunted security monitor. The VHS static, video warping, and strict black-and-white colour scheme work as perfect aesthetic complements to Yamazaki’s original soundtrack, a hazy dub narrated with emotionally charged sense-memories. The result comes across like Yamazaki’s previous work filtered through a Lynchian subconscious, stark and oddly unsettling but still captivating.

Official synopsis: Half asleep with my eyes closed, my conscience flies beyond time and space and I transform myself to all the life forms existing. I become the universe and the universe becomes me, until I fall asleep…. It is a song to pray for the existence of heart and soul at an awakening.

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