A Canadian classic for the Canada Day long weekend. I remember seeing Richard Condie’s The Big Snit on TV quite often when I was a kid, and there’s plenty for a 10-year-old to latch onto in the absurdist humour of “Sawing for Teens” and Condie’s loose, exaggerated lines. But I’m sure a lot of it went over my head, and it wasn’t until I came back to it as an adult that I started to see that Condie was reaching deeper. It’s a tough film to interpret, with its mix of the domestic and the global, and its blend of cynicism and hopefulness. But for all its ambiguity, it isn’t a hard film to watch (although I’ve always found the domestic arguments a little disturbing), and is a perfect example of the freedom animation gives a filmmaker to crate their own world, and their own rules, and have faith that an audience will come along for the ride.

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