Calgary Municipal Space Station

@ Beakerhead Festival September 2017

With Humble Wonder and Quickdraw Animation Society


Hey Quickdraw animators! Our Production Director Tyler is working on a big installation for the Beakerhead festival and needs some additional animation help. We are turning the Calgary Tower into a space station! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

We’ve got a lot of elements that need to be drawn, animated, and rendered out for September, to be displayed on video panels throughout the Tower. QAS has offered up our animation resources to help produce this content, so if equipment is an issue we can hook you up! If you’ve got some time, are looking for some cash, and want to be part of a big public spectacle, here’s what we need help with:

  • an introductory video, some lipsync and light character animation based on puppet rigs. Can be elaborate or simple depending on how hard you want to go on it. Think a tourist mascot explainer video / the animated opening intro to Jurassic Park, but in the future sort of vibe. 1-2 minutes, based on a script. We’re interested in trying out Adobe Character Animator and filming an actor, then rigging it up to a pre-made puppet, to speed up the production process. I’m open to suggestions.
  • 3d models or 2D animated loops of space stations, planets, astronauts, and other assets as required. For compositing in 2D windows and in a 360 video.
  • Digital assets of stars, space, galaxies, etc. 2D high-res Photoshop files preferred.
  • After Effects compositing work for views of Earth from geostationary orbit.
  • Looping animations of two planet systems for a “hologram” display. 2D content but with some depth and action — planets and moons rotating.

We’re looking for multiple people, or one or two folks who want to take on a few things. Any experience with 3D or 360 degree video/animation is a huge plus.

Content deliverables are due at the beginning of September – a quick turnaround, I know! The project launches during Beakerhead, September 11 – 17.

Pay is based on how much you can produce – the intro video is the most complicated part, and if someone wanted to take that off my plate completely there would be around a $1000 fee paid to the artist. $100 – $500 for each additional piece, depending on the complexity and how much you want to take on. We have a total budget of $2500 for additional animators.

If you’re interested, please submit a portfolio and CV to Tyler Longmire at and we can chat!

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