The Quickdraw Animation Society has been Calgary’s home for all things animated for nearly 35 years. In that time, we’ve built a community of animation creators and appreciators that spans generations, with connections to independent animators around the globe. We’ve had multiple homes and multiple logos along the way, and now that we’ve fully settled into our studios in Sunalta, we decided it was time to clear out the clouds and try on a brand new look.

The old logo:

The new logo:


Created by Calgary-based designer and animator Saje Damen, our new logo is a reflection of Quickdraw as an institution. The pencil is symbolic of our connection to traditional animation techniques, along with being a universal symbol for creativity. Its pose evokes a sense of motion and personality, just like animation can bring new life to everyday objects. And the rainbow of colours we’ll be pulling from for the logo will help us highlight all the ways Quickdraw brings animation to diverse communities around Calgary and beyond.



The new logo and word mark will be the anchors for Quickdraw’s new visual identity, which we’ll be rolling out gradually over the next few months. We’re pretty darned excited about this new look and the creative possibilities it opens up, and we hope you will be, too.

(Plus, it looks pretty great on a tote. We should get on that.)



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