The Quickdraw Animation Society’s 14th annual Giant Incandescent Resonating Animation Festival wrapped up on Sunday, November 25, and now, after a week and a half of serious deliberation and heated discussion, our jury has announced their choices for the Best International Short and Best Canadian Short, as well as a selection of honorable mentions.

Quickdraw would like to extend our sincere gratitude to this year’s jury for the time and care they put into these deliberations. Our GIRAF14 jury was Amanda Strong, a Michif interdisciplinary artist and stop-motion animator, founder of Spotted Fawn Productions, and this year’s festival visiting artist; Lyle Pisio, a Calgary-based artist, musician and animator whose HAIKU series was featured at GIRAF11 in 2015; and Morgan Cairns, a film and music journalist and the Film Section Editor at Beat Route Magazine.

We are also excited to announce that this year’s Best International Short and Best Canadian Short will each be presented with a cash prize of $200CAD in recognition of their artistic achievement.

Without further ado, here are the jury’s selections, as well as the winner of this year’s Audience Award, based on ratings from the audience at this year’s festival:

Jury statement:

“Being on the jury for GIRAF’s 14 th year was such an honour for all of us. It was an exciting and wonderful experience, in addition to being incredibly challenging. How were we ever to choose which films were the best, when everything we saw was spectacular? The programming team definitely did not hold back. But what a wonderful problem to have! Over and over again we were blown away by the quality and artistry of each and every film. We, along with many others in the community, are so grateful to GIRAF and Quickdraw Animation Society for shining a spotlight on the craft of animation, and showcasing so many amazing artists from around the world, and right here at home. If we could give an award to every ilm, we would without hesitation. GIRAF’s programming continuously exceeds all our expectations, no matter how high, and for that we are thankful.”



dir. Rachel Gutgarts, 2018, Israel

Jury Statement:

“To animate a film, frame by frame, is already a magnificent feat in itself; but to add the laborious and intensive task of silk screening (the way this film was created, in its entirety) is so mind-bogglingly incredible, we can still barely wrap our heads around it. To see a film that was so clearly made with such care and attention was such a wonderful moment for all of us. But even beyond the film’s innovative technique, A Love Letter to the One I Made Up’s innate simplicity and understated beauty through which Gutgarts is able to so elegantly convey the abstract feelings of loneliness and longing made it a programming stand-out, and a unanimous choice for Best International Short.”


RÄUBER & GENDARM (Cops & Robbers)
dir. Florian Maubach, 2017, Germany



dir. Vic Someday, 2018, Canada

Jury Statement:

“Within the first thirty seconds of this film, we all knew we were witnessing something special. Who knew that something as simple and everyday as a post-it note could turn into something as remarkable and heartfelt as this film. Chakra is not only a testament to the calibre of work to come out of Quickdraw’s studios, but a reflection of the immense talent, creativity, and soul that can be found in our city. It is with enthusiasm that we award Vic Someday’s short film, Chakra, Best Canadian Short.”


dir. Mihaela Slabe, 2018, Canada



dir. Anna Mantzaris, 2018, UK

A brief, punchy depiction of the moments when impulse control breaks down and emotional indulgence kicks in, ENOUGH was, in the words of at least one audience member, “dangerously relatable.” No stranger to GIRAF, director Anna Mantzaris’ previous film BUT MILK IS IMPORTANT (a collaboration with Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen) was recognized as the Best Film from an Emerging Artist at GIRAF10 in 2014, and we’re pleased that our audience has fallen in love with her work once again.



Our jury also wanted to celebrate the following films for their singular achievements:

Best Narrative: AGUA VIVA, dir. Alexa Lim Haas, 2018, USA

Best Non-Narrative: TWILIGHT, dir. Richard Reeves, 2018, Canada

Best Design: DANSE EXQUISE, dir. Ulysse Lefort et Martin Wiklund, 2017, France

Best Technique: PETROLEUM AND BLOOD, dir. Kaveh Sistani, 2018, Iran

Best Script: HALEY AND JOANNA, dir. Laura Hodkin, 2018, UK

Best Stop Motion Animation: NEW YORK AFTER RAIN, dir. Haisi Hu, 2017, USA

Best Sound: LA CHUTE, dir. Boris Labbé, 2018, France

Best Computer Animation: COEXIST, dir. Michael Marczewski, 2018, UK

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