Maybe this one would be slightly appropriate around Halloween than Christmas, but despite revolving around a strange graveyard ritual, Liisi Grünberg’s Muki ja Kalju seiklus surnuaial isn’t especially spooky. It sure is captivating, though. Silly and slightly surreal, it’s also a perfect reminder of the virtue of simplicity—its bold, primary colours and uncluttered design are all that’s needed to make a memorable impression.

Muki ja Kalju seiklus surnuaial

dir: Liisi Grünberg

From the Vimeo:

This is an animated short I made duning my studies in Estonian Academy of Arts. Mentor – Olga Pärn, Sound designer – Leonid Bragin, Music – Timo Petmanson. Thanks to everyone!

“Muki and Kalju know what can be done with the water in the graveyard well. Their ritual frees spirits hidden in the ground. Such consciousness can do nothing but repeat an action. There are things that tick, some that flow and others that just strike poses.”

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