As Yule Log 2.0 points out on their website, the WPIX TV yule log was originally a gift of sorts—a chance for New York residents without fireplaces to have their own sort of Christmas fire, and a way to give station employees some time off without resorting to dead air. There have been plenty of imitations over the years, but none of them quite so oddly ambitious as the Yule Log 2.0 series, which, from 2013-2016, recruited somewhere around 300 artists to do their own short takes on the fireplace theme.

The project is sadly finished now, but not before the folks behind Yule Log 2.0 could compile those efforts into a single, hour-long stream. Where most video yule logs are almost static, 2.0 is perfect for parties with much shorter attention spans. The only consistent element is creativity, and each segment is irreverent in its own unique way. If you’re looking for a last-minute backdrop for your festive gathering, you won’t do much better than this.

Yule Log 2.0 / 2013-2016

Various directors


Sad to say that we have discontinued the logs this year, but here are all 200+ log films in one easy to view file. Set it to loop and warm up your holiday party.

Thanks to wondersauce and all 300 or so artists who made this project so special.

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