Hey QAS Members,

It’s that time of year again! The Alberta Foundation for the Arts Film and Video grant is due March 1 2019, and Canada Council for the Arts development or production grants are next due April 3 2019.

A friendly reminder that if you are applying for a grant to work at QAS, please run it by us first to ensure we can support your project! We are thrilled to support independent animation productions, but private studio space is limited. If you are applying for a 6-month camera studio booking (for example) we need to know that to put into the schedule, otherwise you might find yourself without the resources you need to create your film – because someone else booked it, or we are using it for an in-house project.

If you are applying for public funding we have subsidized rates available for all our suites and equipment. When creating your budget reference our rates, use the RATES FOR NON-COMMERCIAL PRODUCTIONS tier for studio rentals on our current rental rate sheet: QAS Gear and Rental Rates – Updated February 2019

Granted projects are required to budget a financial contribution for the use of QAS resources. Our rates are not going to break your budget, they are held at below-market rates and we heavily subsidize them through our other funding streams. Give back to the Society, it goes a long way.

We’re happy to provide letters of support, advice, or light proof-reading, but please give us enough time to do so – at least 72 hours before the deadline.

Direct all booking or budget inquiries to our Production Director, Tyler Longmire: production@quickdrawanimation.ca

Thanks buds!

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