Animator Laura Goncalves based her film Three Weeks in December on sketchbook drawings done at an extended family gathering. The resulting film is wonderfully informal, affectionate portrait of her relatives. The loose line work and muddled audio add to the intimacy, as the film fixates on quiet moments and small gestures, confident that the broader theme of family ties will come through naturally. It’s an invitation into a bustling home for a hearty meal, with all the warmth that implies.


Three Weeks In December

dir: Laura Goncalves

syn: It is a personal story that emphasises the family bonds. Using my sketchbook drawings as a reference and my family as the subject, this film follows a diaristic format, showing several situations and events that are part of my routine in Belmonte
My research evolved around documenting personal stories, diary and autobiography, memory and trauma.
It is dedicated to my grandfather.

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