The Quickdraw Animation Society is a Calgary-based charitable organization dedicated to promoting the art of animation. We do this through screenings, events, and production resources, and through our longstanding commitment to growing Calgary’s animation community through education and training.

Our educational programming has been growing for years, and we’re looking for someone to take the lead, as an instructor and administrator. Your responsibilities will be in three main areas:

  1. Adult Courses

Quickdraw offers a variety of courses each year for emerging and professional artists, ranging from animation fundamentals to training in specific software or techniques. Working with the Production and Programming Directors, the Education & Outreach Coordinator will develop our fall and winter semester programs, coordinate with instructors, promote our classes, and handle administrative duties for these courses.

  1. Youth Courses and Camps

For decades, Quickdraw’s QuickKids courses and summer camps have introduced Calgary youth to the art of animation, teaching them artistic and technical skills and providing an outlet for creative expression. The Education & Outreach Coordinator will oversee these programs, working with instructors, students and parents to ensure the best animation experience possible.

  1. PAW Programming

Our Portable Animation Workshop (PAW) program takes an animation studio and two instructors into classrooms in and around Calgary to provide an exciting, hands-on animation experience. Our Education and Outreach Coordinator will take a very active role in this program, working with schools to coordinate PAW residencies, acting as lead instructor on the majority of workshops, coordinating with our secondary instructors, and actively seeking new opportunities with communities who wouldn’t otherwise have access to hands-on animation experiences.

Skills and experience:

  • We’re a small team, so excellent communications skills, the ability to work independently, demonstrated good judgment and initiative are all essential.
  • We provide a welcoming environment for members from diverse backgrounds and differing abilities; must be open-minded, with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge of animation fundamentals and experience in teaching for a variety of audiences are a must. Knowledge of specific animation software such as Toon Boom Harmony Advanced, DragonFrame, After Effects, etc. is a major asset, and familiarity with video editing software will also be important.
  • Organization, scheduling and time-management are all highly valuable in this role.
  • Ideal candidates will have leadership experience and a proven ability to manage small teams of freelance or contract employees.
  • We’re looking for someone who will actively seek out new community relationships and audiences for us to engage with.
  • As off-site work will be a regular part of this role, access to a vehicle is encouraged. (Mileage for off-site work will be reimbursed.)

This is a one-year, part-time contract, with the potential to grow into an ongoing position—we’ve never had this role before and we’re really excited to see where it might go. The salary for this position is $25,305 based on an expectation of approximately 1,200 hours throughout the year, with a mix of on-site administrative work and off-site instruction. Weekly scheduling will vary throughout the year based on program bookings, and may involve evenings and weekends, as well as off-site work.

Applications must include a cover letter outlining your interest and a current resumé or CV. Artistic portfolios are also welcome if they are relevant to animation instruction.

Please send your application, including resume and cover letter, by 5pm on Friday, August 30 to with the subject line “QUICKDRAW ANIMATION Education and Outreach Coordinator”.

Quickdraw Animation Society welcomes applications from all qualified parties. If you have any questions about this position, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the email address above.

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