Hard to believe it’s been a year since we last shared a thread of animators for International Women’s Day. Well, here are 20 films that have struck us in the past 12 months, that just barely begin to hint at the wild diversity of voices, artistic styles, stories and perspectives in the world of independent animation. Be warned — some of these films deal with mature and difficult topics. Some are difficult and disturbing, others are more than a little bit silly. And once again, Heather Kai Smith’s Great Women Animators blog is a great place to dive in.

Below you’ll find films from Emily Downe, Anna Budanova, Jenny Jokela, Jessica Ashman, Laura Jayne, Amy Kravitz, Gina Kamentsky, Celine Devaux, Lénaïg La Moigne, Jonni Phillips, Elenor Kopka, Mai Nguyen, Ana Pérez López, Laura Spark, Caitlyn McCarthy, Martina Scarpelli, Anna Ginsburg, Jennifer Zheng, H. Kristen Campbell, and Laura Goncalves. They’re presented in absolutely no particular order, so feel free to pick and choose however you see fit.

Also, most of these films can be found in our Indie Animation Mixtape Vimeo channel, if you’re craving even more shorts.

(By the way: If we’ve misgendered anyone here, send us a note and we’ll correct that right away. Only encountering folks through the internet can make that tricky sometimes)

If you’re still craving more, don’t miss our 2018 IWD post and last year’s follow-up. And stay tuned into our Indie Animation Mixtape Vimeo channel for plenty more where those came from.

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