We’ve been adding pretty consistently to our ongoing Vimeo channel, the Indie Animation Mixtape, but if you aren’t following us on Vimeo, you might not see a lot of what’s there. So, we’re going to make a point of sharing a list of new additions to the channel here on the QAS blog every so often. No expansive writeups or detailed insights, but at the very least, it’ll be a good stream of noteworthy films for your ongoing enjoyment.

This week, we finally got around to adding an all-time classic in Hedgehog in the Fog, along with a piece of Montreal history, an exploration of high strangeness, and more.

Hedgehog in the Fog
Yuri Norstein
10:40 | 1975
This classic of Soviet animation, considered by many to be among the greatest animated shorts ever made, is long overdue to this channel.

The Chaperone 3D
Fraser Munden
13:39 | 2013
A teacher goes above the call of duty in this rotoscoped, action-packed documentary. Also added to Monday Shorts.

Nate Milton
11:11 | 2019
Take a journey into the realm of high strangeness. Previously featured in Monday Shorts.

FJAAK – I Could Never Live Without You By My Side
Raman Djafari & Daniel Almagor
3:31 | 2020
Deliciously trippy, this mixed media music video follows two ill-fated lovers through a drug-fueled night in Berlin.

Visions of the Invertebrate
Edwin Rostron
2:35 | 2011
An abstract collaboration between Rostron and musician Supreme Vagabond Craftsman.

Folkion Xenos
7:14 | 2019
Set on an excessively sunny beach, this GIRAF15 selection will transport you to a more carefree time and place.

He & Sea
Kris Genijn & Pieter Vanluffen
8:14 | 2019
A poetic undersea exploration with a unique visual approach.

Music & Clowns
Alex Widdowson
7:37 | 2019
Widdowson has crafted touching and commendably straightforward portrait of his brother, whose rich inner life remains a mystery even to his family.

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