This week’s additions to the Indie Animation Mixtape (our ongoing Vimeo channel) are mostly quite succinct. Almost half are under two minutes, and the second-longest at eight minutes is a collection of 17-second visual “haikus.
You can do a lot with brevity, though, and the pieces range from a thrift store depiction of the whole of human history and a series of explorations of identity, to anger at cosmic expansionism and an adorable mating rite gone awry.
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Noah Harris & Andie Biddle
2:13 | 2017
The story of man, told through the detritus of mankind. A stop-motion film sourced from car boot sales and flea markets.

Bonus: Interview on Directors Notes

Have Heart
Will Anderson
12:10 | 2017
A looping animated GIF has an existential crisis.

Fleeting Autumn (Yuku Aki)
Vojtěch Domlátil
8:00 | 2018
Video haikus, each one using shots of length 5-7-5 seconds. A mix of animation and video art.

Thirty Masks
Martine Frossard
1:17 | 2015
A surreal rotoscope animation exploring a young woman’s quest for identity.

Still from Autumne by Hugo de Faucompret

Hugo de Faucompret
3:01 | 2016
Inspired by the poem by Guillaume Apollinaire, a magical, sumptuous depiction of changing seasons. Also added to Monday Shorts.

Outer Space Diplomacy
Vojta Koci
1:59 | 2020
This stylish, mixed-media student film doesn’t look kindly on humanity’s interstellar ambitions.

Martina Stiftinger & Rita Louro
1:31 | 2020
Abstract analogies commenting on the state of being connected. A tactile, textured expression of slippery ideas through motion graphics.

Bonus: Behind-the-scenes interview.

Mehdi Alibeygi
1:57 | 2014
A bird, a birdie, a mating ritual, and a misunderstanding. Adorable.

Bonus: A process piece on CartoonBrew.

Kai – A Little Too Much
Martina Scarpelli
3:45 | 2020
The director of Egg, one of 2018’s most haunting films, returns with a music video depicting bodily acceptance.

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