We’ve got some real beauties for you this time around. Split’s sound design is absolutely stunning, while Echo Space brings hand-drawn warmth to an interplanetary voyage. Tableraze brings style and electricity to a card game between friends(?), while Skybaby and Grey Skies are about as soothing as you get. Roughhouse and Homesick explore longer-form storytelling, and Attraction indulges in the alien perspectives of an insect’s sensory system. It’s a hodgepodge, to be sure, but one you won’t regret diving into.
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Echo Space
Yujie Xu
4:57 | 2017
The beautifully hand-drawn, subtly told story of an astronaut pursuing her dream planet. Those colours!

Vincento Lodigiani
1:30 | 2017
A brief, visceral motion-graphic exploring the false premise of the dualistic mind.

Benjamin Geffroy & Romain Gauthier
3:27 | 2020
The most stylish card battle you’re likely to see any time soon

Shugo Tokumaru – Katachi
Kijek / Adamski
3:05 | 2013
An impressive music video built from 2,000 computer-cut PVC plates (Tokumaru has a knack for commissioning interesting videos)

Emily Scaife
4:31 | 2017
A richly imagined exploration of the sensory experiences of insects, and their interactions with plants and fungi.
Also featured as a Monday Short.

Jonathan Hodgson
15:39 | 2018
Previously played at GIRAF! An exploration of male friendship and bullying set in 1980s England.
Bonus: Interview with Zippyframes

Kate Bollinger – Grey Skies
Steph Hope
2:43 | 2020
In the most literal way possible, a gently drifting video for indie-folk songwriter Kate Bollinger.

Plonter Animation Studio
7:15 | 2018
Telling the story of a family in crisis through mixed media and a simple, effective metaphor.

Bonus: A process piece on CartoonBrew.

Julian Glander
2:38 | 2018
Walking the line between a parody of new-age self-help and a genuinely soothing guided meditation. Featured as a Monday Short.

Bonus – the Glanderco website has an excerpt from the original comic.

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