Our 16th annual GIRAF festival is coming up soon, but if you want to warm yourself up before the onslaught of animation, our Indie Animation Mixtape is always here for you. Bookended by past festival selections, it’s another set of mostly quite short, sometimes incredibly ambitious, always rewarding animation from recent years.
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Live a Little
Jenny Jokela
3:43 | 2018
A visual poem about the anxieties and struggles of fitting in, from the director of the amazing Barbeque

2:33 | 2020
Minimal looping animation, soothing sounds, and an increasingly odd story revealed through a series of voicemails.

Melody Shih
1:59 | 2016
Timely the year it was made and again today, a quest to escape the overwhelming feeling of information and noise overload.

Islamic Kaleidoscopes
Lachlan Turczan
1:45 | 2017
A photographic exploration of Islamic architecture and ornamentation.

Yana Pan
3:40 | 2020
The appearance of a mysterious artifact raises questions about humanity’s place in the universe.

Patrick McHale
1:12 | 2004
A horror story in miniature, from the future creator of Over the Garden Wall.

Black Sheep Boy
James Molle
14:57 | 2020
A strange, Amiga-art journey that has more in common with Nicolas Ménard’s Wednesday with Goddard than with your typical Gobelins release.

Boris Labbé
2:14 | 2019
Labbé’s impossibly intricate films always deserve the biggest screen possible, and this exploration of Japanese embroidery is no exception.

Five Minutes to Sea
Natalia Mirzoyan
7:07 | 2019
Beautifully observed memories of a beachside afternoon hide complex thoughts on aging and experience.

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