Now that GIRAF has finished for the year, we didn’t want you to end up in animation withdrawal. We’ve been chipping away at our always-ongoing Indie Animation Mixtape, and as always, there are plenty of remarkable films floating out there on the internet.
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Del tiempo
David Cabrera
3:10 | 2020
The director’s notes make it seem as much a learning exercise as a film, but either way, it’s a lovely late-afternoon character portrait.

My Mother’s Coat
Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits
6:07 | 2010
Looking back on her time in post-revolution Greece, a mother describes a life of sacrifice, sadness, strength and resilience.
(Also posted as a Monday Short)

Christoph Sarow
9:36 | 2019
Life on a farm isn’t easy for a soft-hearted soul.

All Things Fall – 3D Printed Zoetrope
Mat Collishaw
2:15 | 2014
Now we’re daydreaming about seeing this impressive feat of animated engineering in person.

Turbulence (excerpt)
Jon McCormack
0:55 | 1990-1994
A 30-second extract from a 35-minute project, just to make you nice and nostalgic for 1990s CGI.

The Bill Jennings Mysteries
Alan Jennings
3:48 | 2019
An affectionate portrait of a wonderfully ordinary (yet still somehow extraordinary) man.

Good Intentions
Anna Mantzaris
8:24 | 2019
The director of But Milk is Important shares a thriller about decision-making and guilt.

Shingo Tamagawa
2:59 | 2019
Haunting, inscrutable, and captivating.

Sofia Laszlovszky
7:34 | 2019
A series of surreal vignettes exploring humanity’s ever-changing understanding of the world.
(Also a Monday Short)

John Christopher Kelley
4:23 | 2019
Poetry and conversation from an adaptive chatbot makes for an unsettling foundation for an experimental documentary. (Played at GIRAF15)

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