Quickdraw is planning a series of online workshops to take place throughout 2021, and we want to encourage any interested members of Calgary’s animation community to pitch in your ideas. If there’s a workshop you’ve been itching to teach or a skill you’re eager to share, let us know by filling out our Workshop Application form.

Workshops are a gateway into instruction at Quickdraw, a chance to test the waters of teaching animation without having to commit to a full 12-part course. If you’re interested but hesitant for whatever reason, please reach out and let us know what we can do to make you more confident and comfortable at trying this out!

Here’s some general info to keep in mind:

  1. Here at Quickdraw, we pride ourselves on inclusion, diversity, respect, and community. All of our courses, events, and workshops revolve around those values and we expect our instructors to reflect that. When planning your workshop, please ensure that they align with our code of conduct. If the workshop or instructor go against our code of conduct, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop.
  2. Quickdraw’s courses and workshops aim to create a safe and welcoming space for all students and instructors, and we want our workshop instructors to reflect the diversity of our community. We strongly encourage members of the BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ communities to submit workshop ideas, and we are happy to help support and develop your ideas.
  3. We set the instructor fees at $30/hr for instructors with an additional three hours of paid prep time. We understand that some techniques require more than three hours to instruct. If your workshop needs more than three hours, please justify your reasoning.
  4. Due to COVID19, all of our workshops will be online. If you have an idea for an in-person workshop, please apply again once it is safe to have in-person sessions again or try to modify your idea to work online.
  5. Our workshops will run via Zoom. If you have never used Zoom before, please contact education@quickdrawanimation.ca to set up a training. Zoom offers breakout rooms, remote computer control, screen sharing and much more.
  6. We use Dropbox to collect files from workshops.
  7. The Quickdraw Animation Society reserves the right to post/showcase all projects created in our workshops via Social Media, advertising, newsletters, and events etc.

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