One more set of new additions before we head off for the holidays. From the tender to the surreal to an explosive celebration of ’60s soul, these 10 films are another testament to the stylistic and emotional diversity of contemporary independent animation.
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Bloeistraat 11
Nienke Deutz
9:39 | 2018
A childhood friendship complicated by the onset of adulthood. The transparent cutouts beautifully add to the vulnerability the characters.
Read Vimeo’s Staff Pick interview for more insight into the unique production.

Perennial Stream
Sonnye Lim
4:40 | 2019
Along with their equally transfixing videos for Bibio and Eluvium, Lim’s Perennial Stream would’ve been a perfect fit in this year’s Transcendental Animation collection. Done on a single sheet of paper, drawing, erasing and redrawing, it’s a hypnotic depiction of the cycle of growth and decay.

White Horse
Yujie Xu
7:01 | 2019
Gorgeous sand animation that taps into a deep sense of surrealism to portray “an unbalanced relationship and unreachable feeling.”
We wrote about it as a Monday Short.

Like Water
Tjoff Koong Studios
3:39 | 2019
Directors Tezo Don Lee and Magnus Lenneskog try to recapture the coastal walks that inspired Löffler’s album—a complex mix of inspiration and influence, nature and technology, composed with a stark and somber beauty.

Make It Soul
Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo
14:36 | 2018
The world isn’t big enough for two kings of soul. Capturing the electricity of Brown at his prime is no easy task, but Mbotti Malolo’s felt markers do the trick.
(Also a Monday Short)

Drop City
Peter Burr
6:48 | 2019
The real Drop City was a hippy commune cobbled together from salvaged junk. Burr re-imagines it a contemporary version, built from discards of our digital lives.

Isabel Herguera
8:06 | 2011
In this beautifully stylized 2D animation from India, a woman visits an old friend who has been living in an asylum — a visit that moves from sweetness to sheer cacophony.

Tape Generations
Johan Rijpma
2:39 | 2011
Using scotch tape and gravity, Rijpma plays with order and chaos, revealing a strange and unpredictable dance in time-lapse stretches.

Eau Fortes
Rémi Chayé
3:37 | 2005
More proof (as if it was necessary) that France’s La Poudrière has long been one of the most accomplished animation schools out there. Vastly different emotions suggested by the physics of water.

Stubborn Horses (excerpt)
Antwan Horfee
1:40 | 2019
An excerpt from a hallucinatory installation, a collaboration between Antwan Horfee and Renée Lévi at the 15th Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale.

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