It’s been about a month since our last update, so we’re well overdue for another batch of animated gems. As usual, there’s no theme running through this section of the mixtape, but there are some odd connections—a pair of abstracted music videos, two films from the Tokyo University of the Arts, a recurrence of hand-painted textures.
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Goodbye Mommy
Jack Wedge
13:23 | 2019
From his earliest shorts onward, Jack Wedge has blended crude but carefully composed art with unsettling emotions and bizarre humour to craft a deeply idiosyncratic style. Goodbye Mommy gives the noir-tinged surrealism of Dogs of Life a 3D makeover, updating his style but maintaining his singular vision.

Now 2
Kevin Eskew
9:27 | 2019
Our GIRAF16 jury said Now 2 “contemplates mundane existence and the underlying machinery of domestic life in suburban America” through “poodle robots, kitsch ’90s stock illustrations, metal cutting blades and Jell-O-y puzzle pieces.” That’s as good an explanation as any.

When the Silence Comes
Liang-Hsin Huang
3:29 | 2018
A captivating depiction of solitude, silence, the passing of time, Huang’s film is a poetic look at the moments when overwhelming emotion strips away the possibility of expression, leaving only silence.

Mother Dear
Yoshi Sodeoka
2:53 | 2018
Part of a visual album to accompany the music of MYMK, Sodeoka’s video for “Mother Dear” is every bit as glitchy, abstracted and hypnotic as the song it accompanies; a refracted journey through an alien dimension.

Ross Hogg
4:00 | 2013
The football field may be where the action is, but the crowd is where the humanity is. Spectators turns its gaze on the rituals and interactions that surround the game to find the true drama of the game.

Balance and Swing
Anne Beale
3:20 | 2013
Serene watercolours trace connections between music, dance, life and growth. A gorgeous swirl of imagery, pulsing with vitality and vibrancy.

3:48 | 2017
Like its follow-up, GIRAF15 selection CASTLE, MIYAJIMA’s student film is a stunning work of black-and-white cinematography. In this case, MIYAJIMA depicts an unknowable alien entity, his camera roaming restlessly through a galaxy of impossible vistas.

Récit de soi
Géraldine Charpentier-Basille
4:52 | 2018
Charpentier-Basille’s short documentary is a gentle portrait of a complex subject, exploring gender identity, representation, and self discovery with warmth, honesty and good humour.

A Joy
Jodie Mack
3:06 | 2005
Mack’s vibrant cameraless animation is a perfect complement to Kieran Hebden’s percussive production in this video for Four Tet. Three minutes of relentless beats and pulsing primary colours.

Nosferatu Maiden
6:10 | 2017
Another selection from Tokyo University of the Arts (see AEON above), Nosferatu Maiden is a more narrative film, a dark fairy tale rendered in black and red, unfolding through a dream-like fog.

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