Our latest side of the indie mixtape is anxious, lonely bunch of ‘toons, tackling complex emotions and big, probably unanswerable questions. That can make for heavy viewing, but don’t worry—as dark as some of them get, they’re also full of beauty, strength, and warmth, if you know where to look. Plus a concentrated dose of absurdism, just to break things up a bit. Because you can’t be all serious, all the time.
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Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma
10:15 | 2020
A beautifully executed but emotionally haunting portrait of coming of age into a cruel and violent world. Something in the storytelling recalls Lynne Ramsay’s early shorts—an impressively complex mood to strike.

Alisha Liu
2:50 | 2020
Liu uses scale to evoke the main character’s panicked questions over humanity’s cosmic insignificance, but even her zoomed-out views are beautiful, capturing a sort of zen peacefulness even in the manufactured landscapes. Existential anxiety is rarely this pretty.

La Façade
Ollie Magee
2:38 | 2018
Magee’s latest, Nod. Wink. Horse., makes fantastic use of cut-outs, but has been divisive thanks to its central gimmick of hiding its narrative behind a horse (yep). La Façade is playful in a different way, a mix of colourful still life and crude Peter Millard-style illustration.

Aesop Candles
Mattis Dovier
1:37 | 2020
We’re pushing the definition of “indie” here, given that Dovier’s short is essentially a commercial for candles, but how can you watch something this gorgeous and not want to celebrate its artistry?

A Small Antelope Horn
2:17 | 2020
Carlo Rovelli’s books on physics walk a line between science writing and poetry, and hearing his musings on nearly any topic is a treat. Here, rubberband. animates an excerpt from his visit with Northern Tanzania’s Hadza society.

The Lonely Orbit
Frederic Siegel & Benjamin Morard
9:22 | 2019
The story is a sweet one in a sad sort of way, but it’s the colour palette that’s most striking. Told in vivid oranges and blues, it’s a stylish reminder of the thin line between connection and loneliness.

Don’t Know What
Thomas Renoldner
8:18 | 2019
Is it animation? Video editing? Avant-garde cinema? Is it telling a story, or is it experimentation for its own sake? Is it surrealism, dadaism, or something else altogether? The title says it all.

Mihaela Slabe
4:21 | 2017
Refusing to fall into simple binaries, Mihaela Slabe’s Chris J. Melnychuk scholarship film looks at occasional necessity of giving in to our darker tendencies.
(Also a Monday Short)

Marharita Tsikhanovich
3:49 | 2017
Another exploration of freedom and loneliness, drawn in restrained black and white. Perspectives and landscapes shift from instant to instant in a story adrift on dreamlike waves.

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