Brite-star Productions is seeking animators to work an a cartoon pilot. Details below:

Posting Category: Paid

Closing Date of Opportunity: May 2021

Contact Email: 

We are based primarily in Edmonton, AB with representation in New Brunswick and Calgary. We are now in a position where we need to pitch/find a team of animators to bring our cartoon into motion for television. We aim to pitch this to networks such as Teletoon, YTV, Nickelodeon, Netflix, Disney + etc when we have the PILOT completed. We call our series “Edu-Tainment” where we want to capture the children’s attention through high-energy, engaging visuals/sound and plot BUT that will also serve as a tool and resource for kids today to learn “old school values” that’s been lost in today’s society such as respect, honour, compassion through real life challenges such as bullying.

What we are looking for to join our animation team:

1) Lead Animator
2) Character designer proficient in Toon Boom Harmony to rig and redesign pre-existing characters.

3) Skilled and experienced with Digital Visual Effects (After Effects or any program compatible with Toonboom)

4) 2D Animator for layouts and build.
Software: Toon Boom Harmony
Timeline: 6 months – Aiming for November 2021 Launch of PILOT
Compensation: $30.00 per hour for lead animator; $23/hour for recent grad
If interested, please reach out to Natalia at We would love to speak more to our project and vision!

403.261.5767 | | 2011 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB, T3C 0K4 |

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