Our latest “side” to the ongoing mixtape is a bit of a journey. Starting with reflections on the attention economy and a bleak vision of augmented reality, it moves on to a few selections playing with perspective and perception, and a trip into cosmic collage, before settling down for Sunday dinner with Céline Devaux.
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RSA Shorts – The Attention Economy
Olga Makarchuk
4:15 | 2020
Commissioned by the Royal Society of Arts and based on a lecture by James Williams, Makarchuk’s short is a vibrant accompaniment to an insightful (if off-putting) look at modern technology.

Look At Me
Lise Rémon
2:44 | 2017
Rémon creates a dreamy depiction of Instagram self-reflection in this video for Shkyd.

Best Friend
Nicholas Olivieri, Shen Yi, Juliana De Lucca, Varun Nair, David Feliu
5:46 | 2018
How addictive will augmented reality be when it makes the real world drab in comparison? A team of Gobelins students offered a bleakly compelling vision in this 2018 short.

La Table
Eugene Boitsov
4:16 | 2016
Another gem from animation school La Poudriére, this lighthearted selection uses exaggerated character design and intricate cutouts for a story about the perils of perfectionism.

A Mind Sang
Vier Nev
6:11 | 2020
The mind reels at how Vier Nev managed to piece together so many optical illusions into such fluid storytelling. A haunting film where everything is more than it seems.

Christopher Rutledge
2:53 | 2021
Reflections, refraction, glass and liquids—Christopher Rutledge renders impossible forms in an eerily soothing abstract CG animation.

The End of the World Has Not Yet Come
Haomin Peng aka MP
4:20 | 2021
Does that title count as optimistic? It’s hard to get a read on the outlook in Haomin Peng’s trippy video for Cocoonics’s song, but this colourful, chaotic world is one that won’t leave you any time soon.

The Cosmic Bicycle
Les Goldman
6:48 | 1972
Based on the work of Wilfried Sätty, Les Goldman’s film feels like a halfway point between Harry Everett Smith-style occult collage and Fantastic Planet’s cosmic sci-fi, full of baffling, absurd and unsettling imagery, set to a magnificent synth score by Parasound, Inc.

The Fall
Kim Anderson
4:36 | 2008
Calgary animator Kim Anderson takes us on a visceral journey into the heart of creation and destruction, blending hand-drawn animation and collage art in this Quickdraw-assisted short.

(Anderson also directed 2, recently spotlighted as a Monday Short)

Le Repas Dominical
Céline Devaux
13:58 | 2015
We’ll end this side of the mixtape with a more grounded film in Devaux’s portrait of the strange mix of love, judgement, resentment, and connection that can only come from family gatherings. Read more about our take on this one in our recent Monday Shorts post.

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