Just in time for the long weekend, we’re back with another batch of animated shorts. These films depict impossible journeys, pleasant memories, unconscious imagery and inner strength. They include new works from old favourites, student films announcing talented new artists, short experiments and thoughtful storytelling.

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Aria Joana, Luca Struchen, Nicolas Roth, Pirmin Bieri
7:34 | 2019
This student film features a magical blend of 2D and 3D art styles, gorgeous textures, and a cryptic story that’s part fable and part dream.

Daniel Savage
1:10 | 2020
Exploring the emotion of a painful loss through the feeling of staring out a window on a road trip, Savage’s latest is an evocative portrait of an ever-shifting landscape. Featured at GIRAF16.

La mer à boire
Charlotte Arene
1:53 | 2020
Perfectly observed stop-motion that transforms an apartment into a ship at sea. Recently featured in our Monday Shorts series.

Jennifer Stachovic
5:21 | 2018
A lovely young-audience film and a beautiful addition to the oddly specific genre of children befriending limbs. See also: Snow-Bo, and Lucy & the Limbs.

Tess Martin
6:49 | 2019
Martin is always finding new ways to expand her repertoire of hand-made animation techniques. Orbit uses spinning phonotropes to capture the beauty of nature’s cycles, in a thoughtful fusion of message and medium.

Melinda Kádár
3:51 | 2018
Existing at the border between awake and dreaming, Kádár’s Hypnagogia aims to depict the breakdown of logic and structure that comes on the verge of sleep.

Improv (1)
Lewis Heriz
1:13 | 2019
Like its name implies, Heriz’s short is an improvised series of sketches, morphing from one abstract idea to the next. Beautifully drawn, and a great example of how sound design can add solidity to an unstructured film.

Isaac King
11:11 | 2020
Another GIRAF16 favourite, Isaac King’s colourful short blends cut-out animation and real-life photography to look at nature, social media, and the things we choose to value..

Still from Andrea Dorfman's How to Be at Home

How to Be at Home
Andrea Dorfman
4:56 | 2020
Words of wisdom and reassurance for life during Lockdown. Commissioned by the NFB, this sequel to a 2010 short is a poetic work packed with strength and empathy.

Also a Monday Short.

The Walk to Obon
Jeanette Fantone
2:20 | 2020
Fantone recaptures a favourite family memory in this captivating short. Warm and nostalgic, like a slideshow on a Kodak carousel or a faded family film on Super8.

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