“DELTA V is a film that takes place in the far future. Russia and Mexico have surpassed all nations in the interstellar space race, and everyone else stuck on Earth is chomping at the bit to join their ranks. One such soul, Hank Bannon, bites off more than he can chew when after a boilerplate delivery to the Neri Vela Station, he is relentlessly pursued by an unknowable enemy on the outskirts of Hyper Space.”

All exteriors and VFX will be done in-camera, utilizing macro photography and miniature work. A 3D modeller is needed to turn my 2D concept drawings into 3D renders that can then be printed.
This project will grow into the intended feature film version, if additional funding is secured before production in the fall of 2021.

For the feature film, there are five 3D models required in total for printing
Currently offering $1500 – $2000 for the total 3D model work.
The 3D models would need to be completed by the end of August, so that we can do quality assurance before the final printed miniatures.
Please email Nick Haywood with links or attachments to your relevant work at deltavthemotionpicture@gmail.com

Nick Haywood
Writer/Director – DELTA V

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