Here it is, the second half of our recent additions to the ongoing Indie Animation Mixtape Vimeo channel. Although as usual, by the time we try to catch up with these lists, we’ve added even more for you to browse. This batch includes a trio of music videos, some utterly charming student shorts, and the sorts of strange and surreal storytelling you’ve likely come to expect from these collections. As usual, the one thing that unites all the films is the singular voice their creators have developed, once again showing off the endless diversity of animated expression.

The Noise of Licking
Nadja Andrasev
9:15 | 2016
Vivid colours and slow, almost sensual pacing characterize this surreal story of a woman with an extremely close relationship to her plants.

Jesper Ryom – Nights
Mathijs Luijten
4:31 | 2021
The first of a trio of music videos in this Mixtape roundup, Luijten’s short blends cosmic sci-fi with pure joy in a stylish, free-flowing visual journey.

Scribble Me Timbers
Various (Nova High School)
20:09 | 2021
Seattle-based animator Stefan Gruber teaches at arts-focused Nova High, and their playful approach to the artform makes this student showcase a real delight.

Still from Emmanuel Lantam's Pipine

Emanuel Lantam
2:10 | 2020
Created in collaboration with the Washington National Gallery, this breezy short features odd characters interacting in unexpected ways with works from the Gallery’s collection.

Raccoon and the Light
Hanna Kim
3:49 | 2018
Lighthearted and utterly endearing, Kim’s Student Oscar-winning short makes dazzling use of a flashlight to create comedy, drama, and wonder.

Jamie Kendall
8:30 | 2018
Everyone knows magpies are inherently sinister, but the birds in Kendall’s short go above and beyond. Equally sinister and silly, THEM’s distinctively minimal art is perfectly suited to its dream-like noir.

Jennifer Evans – Scattered
and maps and plans
3:36 | 2010
Music video number two is a mixed-media effort from And Maps and Plans, the studio behind acclaimed narrative shorts Coda and An Island. Much more abstract than either of those films, it still excels at capturing the song’s unique mental state.

Ofer Winter
5:23 | 2013
Fluid animation, simple line art, and a black light-inspired palette play with the notion of excessive choice, decision paralysis, and the need for infinite possibility.

Dreams Aren’t Real
Brieanne Mikuska
1:09 | 2014
A brief claymation exercise that recalls the work of Allison Schulnik, this short from Calgary animator Brieanne Mikuska has fun with its off-kilter mood. Tryptophobes beware, this one is likely to set you off.

Drop by Drop
Alexandra Ramires (Xá) and Laura Gonçalves
9:44 | 2017
We shared our thoughts on this experimental doc in our Monday Shorts blog, but even with all that time to ponder it, the blend of fact and fiction, metaphor and direct storytelling is one that we keep returning to. A fascinating collaboration between two talented artists.

Robert Duncan
4:58 | 2016
Composed of layers of carefully cut white paper, Duncan’s film uses subtle contrasts of light and shadow to tell an equally subtle story. Notions of memory, reality and perception are all at play, though it may take a few viewings to fully parse the visual metaphors.

Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection – Imminent Shadow
Mark Neeley
4:01 | 2021
Cullum’s song is sparse and sombre, connecting the lines between seemingly disparate ’60s songwriters Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen. Neeley’s video takes inspiration from the simple arrangement, building its atmosphere from minimal elements, without any unnecessary flourishes.

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