A feature-length film shot in Rocky Mountain House is seeking 3D generalists, compositors, and rotoscope artists for a two-to-three week contract working on the film’s special effects.

Here are the details:

  • Start date: ASAP
  • End date: TBD
  • Job posting closes July 21, 2021 at 5pm
  • Artists will be paid $100/day for 10-15 days (length of contract TBD)
  • They are seeking compositors and rotoscope artists with the means to work from home. No software preference is stated, but the feature uses a mix of CG and practical effects, so they “are looking for people that have a keen eye for detail and realism”
  • Per their communication, “Responsibilities include: open & honest daily communication with producers in Alberta and Vancouver, the availability to dedicate at least 8 hours per work day, implementation of requested feedback in a timely manner, the signing of a non-disclosure agreement, be willing to collaborate with other artists lead under a post-production supervisor, understand the technical aspects of compositing/rotoscoping/particularly sims/keying/etc (not all of these are required)”

Reach out to info@constellatefilms.ca if you’re interested or have any questions about the scale of the project and contract expectations. If interested, please include your website/demo reel, availability, and area of specialization, and use the subject line “VFX Artist Application”

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