Woezo Africa are looking for a Black animator to help make a local story come to life through animation! 

Click here for the Alternative Animation Project Description .PDF

5 seconds (split into a 3 second clip and a 2 second clip.)


Animation completed by October 1st, 2021.
Storyboard and script are already complete**

2D animation, a bit more detailed. Less like a minimalist google infographic and more like the “Kill Bill” animated scene.

Visual info/set up

Young Shae: Black, female. about 10 years old. Clothing is simple and fitting (things a young girl would wear, no specific clothing.)

Boy: Boy is not specific in terms of any identifying features. Only his jeans and sneakers will be in frame.

These characters should look like they are in “the abyss.” (shown below.) This has been used in cartoons to show flashbacks, narrative splits, etc. Perhaps (optional to save on time) there will be one identifying item in the background to signify age. (Ex. a swingset, building blocks etc.)

3 seconds ANIMATION:
young shae is on her knees on the floor, crying. A boys’ jeans and sneakers are in frame, directly across from her (not shown in photo – imagine it would be this frame but from the profile instead of head on.) Pieces of Shae’s face are cracking and falling off – like a porcelain doll.

2 seconds ANIMATION:
young shae’s side profile is facing the frame. She turns to look at the camera, the same cracks in her face remain.

PLEASE contact:
Wunmi Idowu at info@woezoafrica.com and Isra Abdelrahim at rootstobranches@woezoafrica.com


Funded by Calgary Foundation, Roots to Branches is a collaborative project between Action Dignity’s B.L.A.C.K (Becoming Leaders Acquiring Critical Knowledge) Youth Project and Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc. This program will give a voice to African, Caribbean and Black youth (aged 12-22) with stories told through animation. 

These stories will showcase a wide range of the Black youth experience in Calgary, as well as be used to inform and create change in settings and systems where youth are impacted the most. The youth will get to provide their stories in their own words and their stylistic input throughout the project. They will also be connected to a support system including other youth storytellers and mentors throughout their work on this project.

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