Seven-Day *Remote* Animation Challenge!!



Wednesday May 19th – Tuesday May 25th 2020 (7 days total)

Held *remotely* off-site, wherever you may be, with online support directly from QAS HQ / QAS Cloud City

Screening to take place in late June, details TBD


For the past 13 years, intrepid teams of animators have spent their May long weekends locked in the Quickdraw Animation Society studios, making brand-new animated films during our annual ANIMATION LOCKDOWN production event! Participants enter the studios on Friday night, work shoulder-to-shoulder with their fellow artists all weekend, and leave Monday afternoon having created something incredible. There’s community, there’s challenges, there’s a screening, there’s prizes, and there’s memories!

For 2021, we are taking the QAS Animation Lockdown online for the second time. This means the total event will be 7 days, QAS will offer gear + online support, plus we will have daily check ins with all participants! 

For detailed information on timelines, logistics, technical requirements, prizes, food, and pretty much anything else you could think to ask about the Lockdown, see our detailed event description for the 2021 event. Please email our Programming Director with any questions about the event. Registration is pretty much full, so if you still want to take part and haven’t signed up yet, please email Erin ASAP.


This year’s theme is SPECTRUMS. It’s 2021; the world is no longer defined by opposites. Nuances and the beauty in the subtle variations are what makes living so worthwhile. So put your eye to the pyramid and gaze upon the SPECTRUM!

Working with dichotomies is too simplified. We get it; keyframe 1 and keyframe 2 are great, but in-betweens move us with the grace of (say it with me) ease-in and ease-out. There is so much life and story to be had between A and B, Life and Death, Black and White, Happy and Sad, Up and Down, Left and Right. To follow one direction completely is to arrive blind (said someone, sometime?). So, bask in the in-between, show the journey, and break down the subtlety in the whip pan! 


  • Gear pick up (if necessary): Friday May 14th and/or Saturday May 15th, 11am to 5 pm
  • Orientation + Key reveal: Wednesday May 19th at 6 pm.
  • Challenge begins: Wednesday May 19th to Tuesday May 25th (7 days total)
  • Challenge ends: Tuesday May 25 at 6 pm


  • Held *remotely* off-site, wherever you may be, with online support directly from QAS HQ / QAS Cloud City



  • Thanks to the Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society each team will receive a $25 SKIPTHEDISHES gift card to go towards a meal or meals of your choice. We recommend supporting local businesses!
  • During the Animation Lockdown we encourage you to join in online to share your dally updates, meet other animators, and hang out!


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