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Transforming classrooms, one frame at a time …

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The Quickdraw Animation Society’s Portable Animation Workshop (PAW) use the latest in animation software, along with the expertise of our talented instructors, to bring a fully functioning animation studio into classrooms and other environments throughout Calgary.

To request the Portable Animation Workshop for your school or group, please fill out our workshop request form detailing your needs and interests.

What is it?

The Portable Animation Workshop is a traveling animation workshop hosted by the Quickdraw Animation Society. Participants will learn the basics of animation through hands-on problem solving and creative collaboration with each other and with our instructors. In the process, they’ll engage with concepts from the worlds of art, science and mathematics in a fun and supportive environment, and since creating animation involves many different techniques, it can capture the interest of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners.  

What happens?

Quickdraw employs a dynamic team of animation instructors to facilitate the workshop. Instructors guide participants through the process of making a short animation, using hands-on techniques such as paper-cut-outs, claymation, hand-drawn figures, 3-D toys and pixilation (animation of people) — no drawing skills necessary!

Quickdraw instructors have a set curriculum that takes your classrooms through the full process of creating an animation. Some accommodations can be made to the set workshop to better suit your group and your interests and needs.

Our instructors create an environment where students feel involved and engaged in situations where they are encouraged to learn by doing, rather than being told what to do. By creating a supportive environment, students feel empowered to make their own decisions, express opinions and become actively involved.

Where does it go?

The Quickdraw PAW will come to you!

  • Our equipment is transportable and we have everything that you and your group needs to be successful
  • Can travel anywhere including, festivals, retreats, classrooms, seminars, summer camps, reserves and more
  • The format is flexible (having been used for corporate team-building as well as classroom learning), and can accommodate a range of ages, event-formats and schedules

Is financial assistance available?

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts has ongoing support available for schools running this type of program. Read more about this here.

Contact us for more info!

If you have any questions about Quickdraw’s PAW workshops, please drop us a line and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you!

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