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Eric Smith is a local Calgarian artist, musician, dancer, singer, performer and teacher. He has played in several different original bands playing styles ranging from progressive rock and metal to folk, psychedelic rock infused with elements of jazz to ambient, world, experimental,  electronic, improvisational collaborations. He studied traditional animation at QAS as well as various experimental styles and aftereffects. He trains in dance, composes music for and performs with La Caravan Dance Theater. He continues to write, record and produce his own music under the artist name “Rak” and also plays in a duo project with his long time friend and collaborator Travis Bayley under the name “Rak and Targus”.

Check out his work at:

Website: http://rak3335.wix.com/rakmusic

Bandcamp: https://rakker.bandcamp.com/music


CJM Scholarship Film: Antidote

“Antidote” is an experimental animation created on 16mm film using scratch and paint on film techniques. The film was created as a music video for one of Eric’s schizophrenic, relentlessly chaotic, avant-garde, experimental rock instrumentals from his solo project “Rak”.


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